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Like all aspects of your campaign, your yard sign strategy should be closely targeted to be effective. Certainly, unless there is a very good reason to do otherwise, your signs should all be placed in your district. Other considerations include making sure that yard signs are placed on major thoroughfares and close to high traffic areas in your district, and (unless you have an endless supply of yard signs) placing less yard signs in areas that you know you won't win in order to place more yard signs in areas where there are more favorable swing voters.

It is also important to make sure that yard signs stay up in areas you have targeted. One great political truism is that no matter how many yard signs you put up, some will eventually disappear. You need to have a plan in place to replenish yard signs on a regular basis, especially in your key targeted areas.

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Corrugated Yard Sign
Corrugated Yard Sign

The last piece of the yard sign puzzle is your organization-the people who put up your yard signs and make sure they stay up. It is important to recruit a team to scour the district for corrugated sign locations. This team can also help your campaign look for supporters in targeted areas who will agree to place your corrugated signs in yards on their lawns or in their windows. Be sure to keep an eye out as you go door to door as well-ask voters that you visit if they would be willing to display a sign for your campaign. You should also offer them a bumper sticker.

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